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Online Dispute Resolution

What are the benefits?
Time is money! A legal dispute can take months – sometimes years – to resolve through a court. You'll probably need to take time off from work for court hearings and trials. For some, this is hard, if not impossible, depending on work schedules. Online dispute resolution is very flexible. You can "talk" with the other party on your own time, quickly and easily, and all online.
Why Online Dispute Resolution?
It's a chance to end a legal dispute in a way that minimizes time spent at court and saves money. It offers a safe, private, online space to negotiate a satisfactory resolution with the other party. In some cases, it can reduce harm to your credit and helps avoid wage garnishments or other collections procedures. Whatever is most important to you, the Online Dispute Resolution process can help you reach your goals.
I don't have access to a computer.
Online dispute resolution works on any mobile device that can access the internet. Access the site on your device's web browser or on your desktop or laptop computer. The Van Wert Municipal Court can offer internet service and computer use time if you are in need this service free of charge.