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Van Wert Municipal Court

Courts Assisting Military Offenders - Treatment Team

Treatment Team
The Treatment Team of the VTC is chaired by Judge Jill T. Worthington. The Treatment Team is responsible for the daily operations of the specialized docket. Treatment Team members agree to serve on the Treatment Team for a minimum of two years. The VTC program values a stable, consistent team membership and strives to maintain membership for longer than two years. In addition to the duties with the daily functions of the Treatment Team, the members of the Treatment Team agree to work with, and provide education to, local community leaders and agencies.
The VTC incorporates a non-adversarial approach while recognizing the role of prosecutors, defense counsel, and probation. Treatment Team members shall engage in on-going communication including frequent exchanges of timely and accurate information about the participant's overall performance.
The VTC Treatment Team shall meet two times per month prior to the Status Hearing. Each member shall be responsible for providing updated information on participants. The following reports are required at Treatment Team meetings for participants appearing on the docket:
  • A written Progress Report from the Veterans Justice Outreach Coordinator/Westwood Behavioral updating treatment progress and compliance; notifying team of upcoming appointments and setting out a plan for goals contained in the treatment plan. For non-VA connected participants completing community-based treatment, the Probation Officer shall be responsible for providing updates and written reports.
  • A written Progress Report from the Probation Department including recent drug screen results and compliance with reporting,
  • A verbal or written report from the Peer Mentor Coordinator, and
  • Verbal reports from other treatment and service providers as needed.
The Probation Officer shall be responsible for maintaining these records. A file shall be kept for each participant, containing a record of court appearances, progress reports, Therapeutic Adjustments, and other pertinent Treatment Team information. These records shall not be maintained in the criminal files of the defendants as those files are public information and shall not contain health and treatment records. All files shall be kept in a secure file in the Probation Department of the Municipal Court.
The Probation Officer shall be the main contact for dissemination of pertinent information outside of the Treatment Team meetings. All Treatment Team members shall make the Probation Officer aware of important information as needed and the Probation Officer shall make that information available to the necessary members as needed.